Murder Mansion

The Mole takes on a suite twist as Johnny Orgovan hosts Murder Mansion. Who will be the last one living?

Killer's Bounty: $364,000
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PostSubject: WISEOZ!   Fri Sep 19, 2008 12:07 am

What is WISEOZ, you ask? Only one of the coolest sites on the intarwebs! On WISEOZ, you can win some really great prizes, just for solving puzzles and performing other creative tasks. Take a look at the Wise Wits page for a sample of some of the recent and upcoming challenges, and the prizes that were given away to the members of the site! As you can see, the tasks vary greatly, and the prizes are quite nice.

Why am I asking you to join now all of the sudden? We've recently started a membership drive and if I can recruit the most new members using my ID code (377) in any one of the next five weeks, I will have a chance to win $100! So, if you enjoy solving puzzles, you'll love WISEOZ! Sign up now and pass this information on to all of your friends!

Happy WISEOZing!
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